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It looks like Bicycle-Stuff is moving up in the world.  We have been noticed by Nigeria and other nefarious places.

Shown below are examples of dubious emails received by advertisers from apparent potential bogus buyers.

These e-mails can be relatively easy to spot as they are often grammatically incorrect, mention "reputable shippers" and "certified cashier cheques". Often foreign buyers send cheques for far in excess of the asking price of the item - the cheques appear to be drawn on UK Banks but can prove to be invalid. These dubious buyers are hoping that you will part with the item before the cheque has been cleared. Also these cheques may appear initially to be cleared by a bank - but later the bank declares the cheque or draft to be invalid (a forgery or stolen) and wants its money back.
They request the balance of the money to be included with the item when the item is collected by a "reputable shipper" sent by them - IT IS A SCAM
Never accept high offers especially from overseas buyers. Never send the item before obtaining full confirmation from the bank that the cheque or draft has been cleared.
Nearly all these "bogus buyer" are not interested in viewing or asking any questions about the items for sale.

I am glad to ask you about the above ads, if you still have it for sale and i will really appreciate knowing why you decided offering for sale,i will need know it's present condition and it's present pic's and exact amount intended selling it. Also, i will need to have your FULL NAME, FULL CONTACT ADDRESS AND ZIP CODE AND H/WORK PHONE NUMBER for the issueing of the payment to you in check.
Concerning the shippment, i will take good care of that because i have a shipper that assists me in pick up goods. I  hope to read from you very soon.

 i saw your advert posted for sale of your bike which is $250,i will like you to do me a favour by sending me the picture via mail to see if you have it and kindly send me the present condition and regards to the shipping....I'll arrange for the shipping myself. i will be paying by certified cheque.If this is alright with you, email me back immediately with your > name,phone number and address.Get back to me.