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Texas Movers & Shakers (& Friends)

Cycling Savy - A Cycling Education Program of the Florida Bicycle association - (05-20-2019)

America By Bicycle Home Page - America by Bicycle bike tours (05-20-2019)

VeloNews - VeloNews magazine - (05-20-2019)

A Beginner's Guide to Healthy Cycling. (05-20-2019)

Texas Mountain Biking  Mountain biking in the Permian Basin - (04-25-2013)

Beginner's Guide to Safe and Healthy Cycling - (05-25-2017)

Mountrides.com - Mountrides.com is full of resources for bikers, by bikers. We publish comprehensive resources, guideline & suggest gears that won't let you down! (08-25-2017)

bicycleuniverse.info - great articles will be staying and I'll be adding some more, including a series for folks new to bike commuting.

Bike Safety: Avoiding Injuries on Your Bike Commute - (12-22-2018)

Beginners Guide to Bicycle Maintenance - (02-11-2019)

Road Biking Safety with Cars - It has stats on U.S. cyclist fatalities, the most common cyclist/car accidents and how to avoid them, as well as equipment recommendations. Please help us spread this resource that educates cyclists and drivers on how to safely co-exist on the road. - (05-20-2019)