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Bicycle related organizations

https://www.thebikestoragecompany.co.uk/bike-safety-guide - From tips on cycling at night or in winter conditions to advise on the best cycling safety equipments, this guide offers plenty of useful information that will help cyclists of all kind stay safe whilst on the road. (04-07-2017)

Pathfinders Cycling Group of Metro Flower Mound - Our goal is avoid competing with moving cars for road space, but to ride on concrete and asphalt so that all types of bicycles can ride with us. Please add the above link to your cycling group links when you get a chance. With your permission, I'll post your link to my page too. We normally do a Saturday lunch or Sunday afternoon desert or latte' ride as a group. We originate at our home in Highland Village, but have a couple of meeting spots that we pick up other riders too. A lot of people don't know that the Highland Village Walmart is the only Walmart in the world with a bike shop. We have an unusual situation in HV with hills and dedicated bike lanes. You'd think that you were in Austin! Flower Mound has some awesome (concrete) inland trails and you think that you are in CO on parts of it. We have a wide level of age, experience and riding skill. We'd love for you to come ride with us sometime. I ask people to send me a friend request if they want to get FB notices and send me their e-mail if they want to get email ride notices. Our destination and day change regularly. -(04-07-2017)

BikeRegistry offers an easy way to register ALL the important information regarding your bike (including photo). If lost or stolen, your bike will have the highest probability for recovery if registered with Bike Registry. -(04-07-2017)

Fort Worth Bicycling Association -- (04-07-2017)

Greater Dallas Bicyclists - - (04-07-2017)

Lone Star Cyclists Arlington, TX- They put on the Tour der Italia each year, a real class act. - (04-07-2017)

FWMBA - Fort Worth Mountain Bikers Association-- (04-07-2017)

Plano Bicycle Association - (04-07-2017)

Just updated DORBA Dallas Of Road Bicycle -(04-07-2017) 

Overview Of The 2020 NTSB Bicycle Safety Research Study - (05-13-2020)