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White Rock Trail

November 26, 2013 - Rode up the trail this morning. No mud on the trail, just a little water where there used to be mud. Looks like the parks department died a great job of cleanup. In Places there are leaves on the trail. In that that spot where the trail winds through the trees the leaves cover the trail and it is hard to see where it goes. Be careful riding over leaves, they can cover potholes, rocks or even big sticks, Dry leaves can also be slippery.

November 14, 2013 - First, the trail is open all the way from the lake to LBJ. You can ride under 635 to the Valley View Parking lot. Second you may notice all the "Trail Closed" signs are still up. That is because the contractor has not yet turned the project over to the parks department. Last week someone turned all the "Trail Closed" Signs over and the contractor got all upset. I suspect it has something to do with liability.