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John's Rant

December 8 - Every winter I make up the web pages for the next, next year. In this case I am building the files for the year 2015. In the past I have tried to dress up the site by using graphics and rollovers for links. Nobody ever commented on them so this year I am going with basic html, no fancyu graphics. I doubt if anyone will notice. But if you do, let me know.

Sept 28 - Years ago someone asked me to put the ride schedule on a Google calendar. At that time I didn't have a clue. BUT I remembered and finally I figured it out. If you use the Google calendar on your phone you can import a ride from my calendar to your calendar. Take a look.

Sept 25 - I have been told that now there is no ride calendar for the Houston area. I am thinking of making a special effort to list rides for that area. My problem is that if I do not get reviews for a ride I assume it is no longer active or no one cares if I list it. SO.... If you want to keep your favorite ride on the calendar, send in a review.

Sept 24 - Sun is coming up later each day. Now is the time for the early riders to put on the lights. I have two lights and I should be able to see fairly well. But what I dread the most is going down the trail and meeting a rider with one of those super lights and it is focused to light up all the trees. It blinds the rider (ME) going the other way. Surely there must be some way to focus the lights down before some (me again) gets hurt.

Sept 23 - Saw something called free Website report so I inquired. This is what it said about bicycle-stuff.

Bicycle-stuff.com has ranked #3,867,709 in the world according to Alexa website ranking. Bicycle-stuff.com has Google pagerank #2. Bicycle-stuff.com has been doing business since, 27-Sep-2000. The estimated website net worth based on it's traffic value and online website advertisement revenue alone is around $623. Bicycle-stuff.com receives 284 pageviews per day and generates nearly $0.85 in daily ad revenue. The average page load time is 0.7 seconds, which is faster than 87% of sites around the world. Bicycle-stuff.com has website backlinks from #37 website. Bicycle-stuff.com has a popular site score rating of 1 out of 5 Stars. Bicycle-stuff.com appears to be hosted in United States.

Sept 13 - Ennis cancelled last week. It was just getting to be too much work for the teacher in charge. You know how it goes, the first year everybody gets excited and pitches in. After that, each year someone gets tired (or busy) and the director has to find someone else but by now that the excitement has worn off everybody is busy. It is a lot of work to manage a ride. On the other hand I have seen rallies that just do what ever they did last year. Each year something gets missed and the rally gradually falls apart.

Sept 5 - I am amazed by technology. Today as soon as I put a charge for dog food on my credit card, I received an e-mail on my phone telling me my card had been used to by dog food.

Sept 4 - A few months back I needed something to charge my phone when no electricity would be available. At first Solar power seemed like a good idea but where do I put the solar panels when I am riding a bike. After looking around I purchased a "Goal Zero - Guide 10 Plus" from REI. This little unit can be charged from available solar panels or from a USB connector. I didn't get the solar panels, for my needs they were not necessary. Have you ever had your cell phone die in the middle of the day, just as you were going out the door to attend a grand kids baseballs game. I have four sets of 4ea NIMH rechargeable AA batteries and I can charge them using a USB connection. The unit is about the size of my smart phone and I can charge two phones with one set of batteries. The other day my phone battery went dead just as I was leaving the house. I plugged the phone into the charger, put both in my pocket and went shopping.

Sept 3 - With a little feed back I changed the sign. Here is the larest edition.













August 31 - Today I went on a ride with friends. We met at Seagoville and rode to Lancaster airport to see the air show. At the start I saw my heart rate was 174 instead of my usual 112. It was scary but there were a lot of power lines around and I assumed they were causing interference. Sure enough after a mile or so my heart rate dropped to 120. We stayed at the air port for about an hour then returned. By now it was getting hot and very little shade. My heart rate started around 130 and rarely went below. I did notice that when I was riding into the wind (if any) my heart rate went down for a while. Here is an article about heart rate and heat

August 26 - In general; I have noticed that some well established rides start to "Mail it in" and miss little things. Small things at first but in a few years can add up to a disaster. Any rides you can think of?

August 24 - Rode Hotter n Hell today. Since the longest I have ridden this year was 58 miles, I decided to do the 74 mile route. I started early, (Me and about 500 others). Rest stop one was almost deserted when I got there. But it wasn't long after that that the fast riders caught up with me. One thing that I noticed was the number of riders in the medical tents even before hells gate. I mean this was the 100 mile route. We hadn't gone 50 miles yet and riders were already needing medical attention. Did they plan to ride 100 miles?
I took my camera but I didn't take any pictures. I was riding with a friend who is younger and faster than I am and I needed all my energy just to keep up.

August 19 - We babysit three grandchildren over the summer. Friday was their last day to come over. Already out three dogs are driving me nuts following me around waiting for the kids to show up and play with them.

August 19 - I am working on a history page. Take a look.

August 18 - I have been working on a new look for the web site. To the right is a sign for the back of the bike to replace the old triangle sign I have been using. Anyone have a comment?

August 16 - I now have 60 miles on the new derailleur. Works fine.

August 14 - I have had some problems with shifting so after many tries I ordered a new rear derailleur. I just finished cleaning the chain and installing the new derailleur and after a slight tweak it seems to work just fine. Right now I have to baby sit grandchildren but maybe later I can take it for a test ride.

August 8 - I down loaded the stats for the month of July and the number of hits has gone up, close to 2000. You can see the chart Here.

August 7 - I was surprised to learn that people go to the welcome page every time they sign on. This page is called the "Splash Page" It was meant to be seen once (at least that's what I thought). I had assumed that people would bookmark the pages they like. It never occurred to me that people would go to the splash page every time they opened the site.
It has been suggested making the main menu the first page. (Again, I never thought of that) is a good idea but would take a lot of work to change, I will be looking at it.
On the other hand going straight to the Calendar would take you to the top of the page, forcing you to scroll down, way down. Starting at the main menu and clicking on "2013 Calendar" will take you to the current week. No Scrolling.

August 1 - Hot today. I did my usual ride down the trail to White Rock Lake. After breakfast at Barbec's we started riding around the lake. The first two laps I felt good and was riding hard (for me anyway), We debated: riding back up the trail to our cars would give us about 47 miles, another lap would add ten miles. We decided to do one more lap. By now the lake was almost deserted. As someone said "100 degrees keeps the riffraff off the trail" and it was getting hot. Usually my heart rate only gets over 130 on say, a big hill. On the third lap my heart rate began to rise and by the time I was ready to go up the trail it was up to 140. Still no problem it was just hot. By the time I got to my car it was up to 155-160. It sure felt good to load the bike and turn on the AC in the van. By the time I got home my heart rate was 103, still high for me. A hot shower and a short nap brought everything back to normal.

July 29 - When I was taking pictures on the hill I kept hearing beeps. Finally I realized that many Garmin GPSs have a setting that will stop the GPS calculation when the speed gets below a certain speed. This will increase the riders average speed by not counting the slow miles. The beeps I was hearing was the Garmins resuming calculations.

July 28 - Saturday I drove to cleburne and set up camp on the "false flat" of Goatneck Hill. Some of the riders complain that taking pictures on a hill is unfair. But the hill strings ut the riders and slows them down so I get more photo opportunities. In four hours I took 2,334 pictures. I could have taken more, there were a lot riders still out there but I had to go to the bathroom..

July 25 - The Goatneck is this weekend I had stopped going because the sun is at my back for almost the entire ride. That means no taking pictures while riding. So I started stopping at Goatneck hill. I have taken as many as 1,000 pictures on one ride. But it messed up my riding, I only got 31 miles split into two rides. This year I am going to try something different and leave the bike at home and drive to Goatneck hill. I am going to take two cameras, extra batteries and a chair. Should be interesting.

July 24 - Just posted some reviews and discovered I had posted two reviews in the wrong page. It happens, I just hope it dosen't happen very often.

July 20 - Saturday rode with a friend on our favorite route between Celina and Howe. Depending on which road we take, we can get anywhere from 40 to 60 miles. Road conditions are typical Texas from smooth road to chip seal. Most of the chip seal has been packed down. Very little traffic but I wonder: with all the building moving north, how long will it last. Already they are adding lanes to Preston Road up to maybe Celina. Past Celina they seem to be paving Preston up to the County line. Hopefully when they repave that nice wide shoulder, it will be smoother than last time.

July 16, 2013 - Monday I signed up at the rec center. They have a nice gym and I gave it a short try. Today I went in for my first full workout. Didn't work really hard because I was afraid of pulling something. I started with the treadmill. Monday when I was trying things out I started on the treadmill, it has a heart-rate monitor that works if you hold these two places. It was a bit awkward to keep holding these two places so today I wore my heart rate belt and wrist monitor. (I have 3-4). It worked fine then I noticed that the treadmill monitor worked with only one hand. Nice... then I noticed it worked with no hands touching the special plates. Apparently it was picking up the signal from my monitor belt. Hummmm, hope I was not interfering with other people.

July 8, 2013 - I was planning to do Tour de Paris this Saturday but the maps are in Garmin Connect which means I would need to buy a new Garmin just to use them. Guess I will ride local.

July 8, 2013 - Years ago during basic training at Ft. Knox Kentucky I discovered "Sadowski Field House" seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I wondered if it was named after a relative but at the time I had no way to investigate. Yesterday decided to goggle to see if it still existed. Not only did it exist it barely looks like the dingy old building I saw way back in 1958. Also it turns out the building was names for Joseph John Sadowski a WW II Medal of honor holder. No Relation.

July 7, 2013 - Once in a while I get a comment about updating the site. But no one is wiling to tell me what kind of updating is needed. I have received some feedback lately and have managed make some improvements. I do appreciate those who took the time so send me feedback.

July 6, 2013 - I am going to start this over and promise to up date it more often. After all these years I have posted pictures of me. See them at mypictures.