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For a while it seemed like the recumbent scene was dying. Fewer and fewer recumbents were seen on the road. Lately it has picked up and more bents and newer bents are on the road. Now it is Trikes that are rage. I undersand they are flying our the door but you rarely see that many trikes out on the road. Where are they?

Are you thinking of trying a trike? Try John's Trikes and Bikes in Lancaster TX. They have at least 20 different trikes you can ride. They have at least 4-5 different brands (Greenspeed, Ice, Catrike, Sun and one more.) . I recently purchased a trike and the staff spent a half a day sizing trikes so I could ride every one. I did not ride all of them but I did buy a trike and I am having a BionX Electric assist installed.

The best way to keep in touch and find out about rides is to join the following groups.

RBENT Web Page - Rbent Forum - Rbent Mailing List -

Where do you get your Bent clothing and Accessories ?????

Mike Nichols is the former owner of City Cyclist on McCart in south Fort Worth. Mike has moved his shop into his garage and is available to make adjustments/repairs to any trikes/bents. Mike's cell phone number is 817.422.2824 Editors note: Mike is said to be one of the best bent technician in the area.

Other bent material:

Recumbent blog Blog has been closed but has lots of material in the archives

recumbents.com - More recumbent information

Long Distance Recumbents - Not for the faint of heart

Cyclesport: learn about Recumbents - Many resources on recumbents

Tell you why you ride a bent. Click here.

A Recumbent Publication is Bentrider On line.

Visit the R-BENT. Home page  R-Bent is the Dallas Area Recumbent Club..

First some opinions on why you should consider a Recumbent .

Why Recumbent

FAQ for Recumbent Bikes Frequently asked questions about recumbents -
Also frequently given answers. (A little humor there)
Interesting Recumbent Links

For Homebuilders - Plans for a Long Wheel Base Tour Easy Clone in PDF Format

Barry Beuershausen's fun page - A Linear Recumbent Dealer in South Texas.

Recumbent Manufactures - Visit Bentrider Online for a complete list of Recumbent Manufactures

Angle Tech - a CUSTOM Recumbent shop in Colorado Springs, CO - Two sites - | Angle Tech | Bike Route |

BENTECH Recumbent Bike Plans Build your own Recumbent plans

Easy Racers, Inc. Easy Racer They hold the record for the worlds fastest bicycle.

Other Recumbent Sources

Bent Sources Lists various recumbents with pictures and specs, also dealers.

More sources of information

INFOHUB Biking Page Not a recumbent page, just good information

HPV Home Page International Human Power Vehicle page

IBRD Cover Pg International bike route directory