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Over the years people have taken photos of me on some of the rides. Here is a collection.


Here is the T-shirt from my very first ride. I had quit smoking and started riding an old bike to work off the non-smoking jitters. A friend sold me a better bike and talked me into doing the Tour de Italy. The longest I had ever ridden was 12 miles and the shortest route offered was 27 miles. "You can do it" he said. So I did it.
But first I had to get ready. I had no bike clothes except helmet and gloves. I didn't even have a T-shirt except one from Atari. You remember Atari, don't you? So wearing an Atari T-shirt and regular shorts I rode the 27 miles. I was in pain but already looking forward to next Saturday.

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Below are a few T-shirts I managed to squirrel away.